Our Realia Pledge to each other 

At Realia, we will demonstrate our agency values of Quality, Agility, Intelligence and Value.
Every day we will strive to:

• Work in an open and honest environment, where we will do our best to communicate and collaborate effectively with each other.
• Create a positive and professional office vibe, where we work hard, but have fun too.
• Ensure our time working at Realia is enjoyable for us as individuals, our clients and other team members.
• Turn up, ready to start the day by 9am.
• Do our jobs effectively, ensuring client deadlines are prioritised as necessary and deliverables are complete before leaving the office each day.
• Show value in thinking as much as doing.
• Take responsibility for ourselves, our jobs and the company.
• Accept responsibility if things go wrong, review our process and learn for the future.
• Have excellent administration and organisational skills with a high standard of accuracy.
• Choose the best communications channels to build effective client relationships e.g. email, telephone, hangouts, meetings.
• Demonstrate initiative, have energy and enthusiasm, tact and diplomacy.
• Have a ‘get it done’ attitude and an urgency to achieve results.
• Be confident and put forward ideas to the team.
• Negotiate confidently with external suppliers to get the job done.
• Contribute in all meetings we attend.
• Treat Realia team members, and their time, with respect.
• Ensure annual leave requests don’t clash with other team members in your department and only take (sick) days off for genuine reasons.
• Be on top of our game through constant review and self-development of skill sets.
• Be assertive and clear about what support we need and know when to ask for help.
• Help other team members to understand our roles and share our expertise.
• Demonstrate patience and understanding when providing support to others.
• Promote Realia to a wider audience; look for opportunities and contribute campaign ideas to drive new business.
• Celebrate our success.
• Be team players, which means answering the phone, making tea, going to the shops, clearing recycling and rubbish, updating calendars etc.

In addition, when you work for Realia, you can expect the senior team to:

• Provide a safe, supportive working environment.
• Arrange for you to have 1-1’s and team meetings.
• Provide support and guidance when you need it.
• Help you recognise and address your training needs.
• Make sure you know how you’re doing; set clear and measurable objectives and provide constructive feedback or praise as necessary.
• Treat all team members in the same way.