Momentum Volume 5

Trust me, it’s huge! You’ll love it!

Managing Director: Paul Williamson, Realia Marketing

We all know that most men have a tendency to over exaggerate – whether it’s the length of a golf putt, the size of that trout they caught at the weekend, or indeed the size and length of their manhood.

We also all know that most estate agents have a tendency to over-inflate everything – from the size of the living space, to the friendliness of the neighbours, to the value of the property.

Imagine the size of the embellishments made when you put those two things together?

Having recently been house searching and therefore meeting lots of estate agents I have experienced this über exaggeration first hand. We have all been there – the photos suggest this IS the place. The kitchen is huge, there is plenty of space for two cars and the bedroom looks like a Vegas suite. We have to see this place!

Enter agent stage left. Still buzzing from winning the latest round of office bullshit bingo the hyperbole is almost intoxicating; this IS the place.

And then you see it. In fairness the kitchen is huge, if you are a Lilliputian. And you can definitely get two Smart cars on the drive. This ISN’T the place.

And so to the moral of this story. Too many brands use an ultra-wide angle lens when making promises; promises that are diametrically opposed to the real brand experience. The result? Disappointed, disenchanted customers who see nothing but the size of the exaggeration rather than the offer. Anyone else still amazed fast food outlets manage to find models with such small hands?

I am not suggesting for one moment that promises should be uninspiring or unambitious. I am simply suggesting that they be rooted in reality so that the promise matches the brand experience – and vice versa.

So, how can you create a marketing promise that is inspiring, ambitious and deliverable?

It has to be desirable so that people, internally and externally, aspire to be associated with it. It must be simple and single-minded so it is clearly understandable. It should reflect your values and personality. It has to create impact in order to differentiate itself from the competition; and perhaps most important of all; it must represent commitment to customers to ensure the customer experience is consistent, positive and memorable for all the right reasons.

The alternative? Make a promise you can’t keep. But just remember if you do ‘promise big’, you run the very real risk of being laughed at when you drop your trousers.

Type for change.

Art Director: Rachel Hancock, Realia Marketing

The winter season saw a lot of changes when it came to visual design and user experience. One of the most anticipated changes of last year was Apple’s iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan launch together with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

So why the change?

Apple’s last typographical change was with the iOS 7 update, in which the unveiled the use of Helvetica Neue. This choice was met with some doubts by other designers, saying that “it’s reliable and versatile, while others say it’s lazy and unimaginative”. But it wasn’t just the lack of innovation that was getting people down. Helvetica, although the most popular font in the world, can at times be a little hard to read at times, especially when scaled down for use on smaller devices.

The down fall of this font became more apparent when implemented across Apple’s iWatch. A new typeface was needed that could work across all Apple’s platforms and scale down to a small size without put loosing readability (and also impress those currently unimpressed by Apple’s lack of on screen design features).

Along comes ‘San Francisco’

With needing one font to do so much, it was always going to be hard to find such a typeface for the job.

“San Francisco is the first in-house typeface Cupertino has designed in more than 20 years. With its clean, compact shapes, subtle roundness, and ample space between letters, San Francisco was no doubt designed for maximum legibility on the Apple Watch…”

“The differences between Helvetica and San Francisco are subtle, even to the trained eye, but they’re there. While still an austere sans serif, San Francisco is bolder and friendlier than Helvetica Neue. Based on the German typeface DIN, San Francisco gives characters more breathing room, which will make it easier to read on relatively tiny mobile screens…”

(Liz Stinson,

Being innovators in design, its wonder why it had taken Apple so long to develop a typeface to call their own. For iWatch users, this is one design feature you may never notice; But that does means it’s doing its job perfectly, in helping you carry on life in the most effective way.

The ultimate compliment – “Realia is part of the family“.

Client Services Director: Nicola Williamson, Realia Marketing

Realia deliver integrated communications through creative intelligence. It’s what we say and deliver every day. But for me, integration took a step further recently when, at a client conference in front of over 150 of the company’s highest profile employees, the CEO thanked the team at Realia personally for our contribution and referred to us as ‘one of the family’ – a reflection on our continuing, successful 9-year global partnership.

As a team we delivered over 100 projects for the conference, all of which had a part to play in the positive impression the event created. We created everything from pillow cases and ‘do not disturb’ signs for hotel rooms; to 13 exhibitions areas and accompanying literature; to presentations, films and a live tweet wall.

“Just a note to say well done and thanks for all your hard, pressurised work to make the conference look so good. It looked more professional than ever and it was really nice to hear thanks passed on to you all today.” UK Country President

This really was the ultimate compliment – to know that the Realia values were truly demonstrated and recognised.

Agility – The speed and ease of producing multiple projects for multiple countries, with multiple project managers. √

Intelligence – We are always quick to understand the brief and produce insightful, creative communications. √

Value – We delivered above and beyond to ensure that our client had exactly what they needed, when they needed it. √ 

Quality – The physical results speak for themselves. √

It is compliments like this that remind us why we love what we do at Realia, and we continue to offer the same standard of work and productivity in all that we do.

We just need a face to face” – Drake said it.

PR & Social Executive: Olivia Miller, Realia Marketing

Yes, I have quoted the great Drake pining for Rihanna in her 2016 single Work. But stay with me… There’s a PR twist on this one.

Recently I have learnt just how essential it can be to pursue face to face interactions with clients and their employees. PR is driven on communication, and building those all-important relationships that are going to help excel your marketing and PR efforts. Collaboration is how the magic happens, and there’s no better way to develop relationships than through face to face contact.

Over the past two months, the Realia PR team (Becca and I) have embarked on a road trip to meet with 26 managers of individual branches for one of our clients in the construction sector. We knew there was going to be a huge benefit of meeting the individual managers to offer unique PR support, but it was amazing to put into practice.

When we originally organised the meetings via telephone with the managers, some were sceptical. They doubted their relevance for the overall company’s newsworthiness. With reassurance from us, they agreed that meeting with us may give them more perspective on what made news and what did not. And what a difference it made.

Face to face interaction allows you to divulge into detail about how you can help your clients and their employees, whilst demonstrating your personality. And what we found was that employees appreciate being listened to, and taking that extra time out to meet them makes them feel increasingly significant – and they are! When they feel that you value their contributions to your PR efforts and can help build their local awareness, they will want to work with you too. What a start to a beautiful relationship.

If we had relied on asking the same questions via the telephone, we would not have built the same rapport, and probably wouldn’t have gained any prosperous material to work with. From experience, nothing beats the feeling of coming out of a successful face to face meeting and knowing that you have communicated the ways of which you can support that individual and successfully motivated the employee.

So get out there, meet your clients and their company’s employees, develop trust with them and assure them that you know exactly what you are talking about!