Leading by example

Leading by example has always been a fundamental value at Realia Marketing. It is deeply embedded in the management style and forms part of the Realia Pledge the Realia family subscribe to.

This is what leading by example means to us…

  • We have the freedom to evolve in our roles independently in an open and supportive environment
  • The balance of ‘family’ (support, understanding and fun) and ‘professional’ (education, standards and communication) has been achieved
  • Individuals are encouraged to reach their potential through feedback, guidance and training
  • Inspiring and passionate leadership with clear direction help to achieve our vision.

“At Realia Marketing we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, this ethos is pushed by the MD and head of departments with everything we do. Good enough simply won’t do, when work isn’t up to standard we are given guidance on how to improve it.”

“We are always pushed to meet our potential and are offered training to help us improve on areas we may be struggling with.”

“Through leadership, we have a driven and family-feel to the agency and as a result, it makes the team stronger.”

“What makes a good manager? Hard working; good productivity; encouraging. Paul has all of this in abundance; his managerial skills are quite exceptional in utilising the strengths and weaknesses of his team.”

“There is an open, honest and supportive environment at Realia.”

“Paul is very passionate about marketing and this reflects in his management style and his attitude to build a successful team. As a clear communicator, he is able to inspire others and mobilise people towards the vision which is an invaluable treat in the business environment.”

“Having recently joined Realia, I have never felt more welcomed and motivated in a new working environment.”

“Our monthly 1-on-1s allow a clear communication channel between management and the team, where feedback on progress can be given and inspiration and guidance provided. Alignment on expectations is important, so it is a helpful tool that enables clarity regarding next steps.”

“For me, clear leadership and management is about being guided to succeed but also given the freedom to grow in my role independently. Throughout my time at Realia I have felt that those positive attributes have been demonstrated to help me evolve in my role.”

“I’ve been able to structure my work in a way that suits my working style and circumstances, resulting in me being productive and feeling very positive about my role.”

“Paul has always managed to create a happy family vibe at Realia while always maintaining a strong, professional business establishment and I for one, feel honoured to work with him to help achieve his goals and dreams.”

“In my opinion, a good manager offers a balance of education, understanding and support – all of the attributes I feel I have received in my time at Realia.”