Our Services

Everything we do starts with insightful strategic thinking; a compelling and differentiating proposition and a deliverable, measurable marketing plan.

We remain resolutely integrated in our thinking. Why? Because we firmly believe that you cannot give the best advice, or deliver the most appropriate communications if your starting point is just one discipline or one medium.

That isn’t to say we don’t have specialists – we do; in strategy, PR, creative, digital and so on. But they all believe in an integrated model – a model that is proven to deliver the most effective communications and the best outcomes for our clients.

Brand creation, definition & re-positioning

One of the real strengths of the agency. We have delivered brand creations and transitions for several organisations, including multi-million turnover businesses, featuring thousands of employees across multiple geographies. In every case, we apply our ‘Brand Blueprint’: a robust and proven methodology for developing brands.

Our methodology is shaped to your business to ensure the process is efficient, effective and deliverable.

Strategic development & planning

Our planning services are often employed by clients who don’t have the luxury of a large in-house team of marketers and just need someone to validate their thinking. In other cases our clients are commercial people who have overall responsibility for marketing but not necessarily all the expertise needed to develop marketing planning.

That’s why so many of our clients value the collaborative approach we take to strategic development and planning. Starting at the beginning, we quickly understand the corporate objectives, identify the marketing needs and establish a customer-focused, defined, validated, consistent and deliverable plan.

Marketing consultancy

Our consultancy is focussed on one single minded task; how do we identify and deliver the change necessary for you to achieve your marketing objectives. Because our account team have client side experience we have the empathy to conceive a strategy that will be understood and accepted internally, while at the same time delivering the inspired and intelligent thinking required to achieve success.

One of the attributes our clients value above all is our ability to quickly and accurately understand the bigger picture and what is needed to be done. Put simply, we just get it. Fast. This capability comes from a deep understanding of a number of market sectors and years of marketing experience. This means you don’t pay us to understand your business; you pay us to deliver compelling, validated, actionable and measurable marketing strategies.

Concept creation

Using a structured creative briefing process, we always establish a motivating, compelling and validated proposition. From this process and proposition, our creative team quickly understand the target audience, the communications objective and the features & benefits of the offer; ensuring that they deliver right first-time concept work which can be evaluated objectively.

Because our concepts are Mac generated, you get a real sense of what the end design will look like, reducing time and cost. And because we always deliver at least three ‘on brief’ concepts, you are guaranteed to see what you are looking for.


Using the same structured creative briefing process we use for concept work; our copywriters work closely with the creative team to write compelling, attention grabbing headlines and benefit packed, call-to-action copy.

Graphic design

Every client has a dedicated Art Director who creatively leads each design project. This ensures design is always delivered ‘on brand’, it guarantees accuracy and consistency and minimises time to final artwork. A highly experienced and creative group; our Art Directors are supported with the latest technology to ensure our work is meeting the latest standards of design and compatibility.

Public relations

Whether it is a new business win, a response to a comment or article in the press, or a 3,000 word technical article; Realia is best placed to respond effectively.

And because we are a full service delivery agency there are other efficiencies in terms of use of information, consistency of message and management of cost that can be enjoyed. PR delivers the brand awareness we seek with a seemingly independent, third party view. Though it provides little overt promotion, it delivers considerable influence.

Direct marketing

We were recognised in the 2014 RAR Awards as a top 10 direct marketing agency. This is due to our deep understanding of the client’s objectives and concept creation skills together with real insight into the quality of data available. This combination of insight and intelligence ensures we deliver well targeted and innovative direct mail campaigns – both online and offline.

Media planning & buying

We know that people don’t consume media in just one way anymore. And as the media landscape becomes more fragmented and sophisticated, it is critical that media choices are made based on good data, well researched insight and of course, client marketing objectives.

Good value media is therefore not just about price – it’s the value that comes from strong strategy, audience insight, precise media planning and effective evaluation.

Web Design & Development 

We combine our core skills in brand management and marketing communications with the latest in web design to deliver fully responsive websites that combine compelling aesthetics with effortless functionality. From concept to creation, our dedicated digital team focus on UX, research and optimisation to ensure the site is future proof and on brand while providing an incredible user experience.


Too often SEO is shrouded in mystery – as if it is some black art. Our effective, transparent, measurable and easy to understand SEO approach enables our clients to remain at the forefront of search. Our team has a proven track record in optimising web content to deliver better search engine rankings – which in combination with our OTE model ensures content is perfect for purpose for search, social and conventional PR.


Often campaigns require quick boost, particularly on a tactical level to promote a specific offer, event or campaign.  Because we take the time to understand your business and marketing objectives from an integrated perspective; our PPC campaigns are data led and insight driven; thinking around the audience and the offer rather than just ticking boxes. Our campaigns have delivered results across Google, social media, targeted digital channels and publications.

Social media management

Delivered as discrete service or as an integral part of our OTE model our social media marketing has delivered significant increases in followers, engagement and web visits across a range of sectors. Our approach enables clients to maximise investment in PR and SEO and improve inbound marketing.

Campaign evaluation

We employ a robust approach comprising both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and selected according to individual campaign study needs.

It is our strong belief that although a robust evaluation methodology is fundamental, there is also a critical requirement to deliver an equally robust analysis of the data delivered. In addition, we adopt a rigorous approach to examining the results, looking for the ‘story behind the figures’.