Creative Intelligence

There’s method behind the magic 

We create work that inspires people to do something new, keep doing it, and tell all their friends. The only way is with ideas that electrify the heart and mind – and then make them do something as a result.

If you don’t engage people’s feelings, they won’t be persuaded by argument.  Our creative philosophy is to use both, but to put emotion first.

Inspired ideas come from informed imagination. We want to go to the front line and feel what it’s like there. You can’t inspire people unless you know what you’re talking about, and you can’t know anything until you’ve tried it. Every idea must motivate action. In all media, the idea must be clear and irresistible.

A brand must own its words and images. Every word must work for a living and every picture we use must turn heads.

And we always remember, nobody asked for another ad, or mailing, or whatever we’re making. But if we do our job well, they’ll want to look at ours. Read it. And act on it.

“I wanted to say that the audience were blown away by the materials you made!! Cheers for helping make this a success”