OTE – Content Marketing

We call it Opportunities to Engage

Everyone understands the conventional measures of OTS and OTH in traditional media. Equally, everyone understands page impressions in a digital context. But what clients really want is Opportunities to Engage – to see their audience is taking positive action to interact with them. And so our OTE (Opportunities to Engage) model was born.

The rationale for OTE is both emotive and rational. From an emotional perspective, it was ‘Be Compelling!’ We can capture people with creativity and convince them with content. Rationally there are several benefits to the OTE model – consistency of message, utilisation of resource, reduced impact on management time and of course, value for money.

There is a clear and beneficial link between offline PR, social outreach and search marketing – it all starts with relevant and engaging content.

Our commitment to an integrated approach combines the new world techniques of SEO, PPC and social media with the skills of conventional PR to provide clients with a unique and truly seamless content marketing service.

This integrated approach consistently and coherently engages audiences and drives response.

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