Meet the Intern! Introduction to our new PR & Social Media Intern

We are excited to introduce our new PR & Social Media Intern, Edie, to the team! She’s studying PR, Media and Marketing at Canterbury Christ Church University, and has a big passion for writing, multimedia and getting creative. We look forward to Edie’s time with us, but for now here is a little insight into her interests, with our quick-fire Q&A…

What are you studying at university?
PR, Media and Marketing at CCCU

Why are you interested in getting experience in PR?
I am interested in getting experience in PR because I have a passion for writing and multimedia, and I love getting creative!

Your ideal Saturday night:
Going out with friends for a few cocktails accompanied by good food

Going to the gym, attending music events and festivals, and binge-watching Netflix series.

Favourite place you’ve travelled:
Tenerife for the beautiful beaches, great food and the best waterpark in Europe!

Favourite TV show:
Friends, a classic!

Favourite cuisine:

What are you most looking forward to about your internship at Realia?
I am most looking forward to developing an understanding of client relationships and getting creative with social media and article writing.  

Edie Graham - Realia Marketing

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