Making the Few relevant to many more (Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO)

Our brief from The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO back in 2017 was to support marketing efforts to increase visitor numbers to the National Memorial to the Few site in Capel-le-Ferne, Kent. We continue to support their efforts through advertising creative, social media and PR services.

We combined the action of the 1940’s, the urgent activities of aircrew and others, and modern scenes and situations to produce advertising themes which appealed to those interested in the history, as well as showing its relevance to modern times. This fitted exactly with the mission of the Trust to commemorate and educate about The Battle of Britain – a crucial time in World War 2. The styles were attractive, eye-catching and quickly conveyed the message the Trust seeked to get across to potential visitors to the Memorial.

“We have been working with Realia since February 2017 and we have always found them to be proactive in generating ideas that will achieve the marketing objectives of the Trust. This campaign is innovative and very different to anything we have done before. They have captured the essence of the value proposition we have here and delivered a campaign that is very inspiring and will hopefully convert into greater visitor numbers.”
Group Captain Patrick Tootal OBE DL
Trustee, The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO)

Social media
Our continued work on social media has had a significant impact which can be correlated with increased visitor numbers, donations and membership sign-ups.

“Since we have professionalised our social media campaigns we have seen extraordinary results across all platforms. Critically for us, the levels of engagement we have seen online have translated into tangible numbers. Visitor numbers have peaked since the activity started and we have also seen real increases in donations and membership sign-ups. We are delighted with the partnership we have with Realia Marketing and look forward to continuing to improve our results so we can safeguard this Memorial, which after all, is in the nation’s interests.”
Roland Parry
Treasurer, The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO)

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