Today is International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate and recognise the achievements of women around the world. Here at Realia, celebrating women and equality is a daily practice, but we thought today would be the perfect opportunity to commend some of the women that inspire us in our everyday lives.

Paul Williamson, Managing Director

“My friend Kay Booker is my inspiration. Born the same year as me, Kay sadly died after a hard fought battle against cancer, aged just 39. One of the founder of Moody Cows, Kay worked hard and played harder. Vivacious, stubborn, charming, beautiful, and at times just about the most bloody infuriating person on the planet; Kay was an absolute inspiration to so many throughout her long battle – and remains so today. She resolutely refused to give in, defying the odds and all medical opinion to continue to live her ‘Dash’ when there was seemingly no hope. Her persistence throughout her illness enabled her to do so many things – travel the world, get married and find a cocktail of Baileys and Bacardi drinkable…” 

Nicola Williamson, Director of Quality Assurance

 “International Women’s Day… to me this feels a little like attending a recent awards ceremony where there was a category for ‘Businesswoman of the year’. Why do we not also celebrate ‘International Men’s Day’ or at that same ceremony why was there not a ‘Businessman of the year’ award? There are countless women (and men) who should be applauded for their contribution, whether that is on a personal or professional level. Examples of success and inspiration should be taken from people who touch our everyday lives – and for me, that list is endless, we just need to take the time to notice.”

Paul Newbold, Creative Director

“When asked to write about a woman who inspires me for International Woman’s Day I thought, blimey, that’s a really hard thing to do! To choose one in particular when there are so many strong and influential women in history and modern day society is really tough. So here goes. Women. Yep, you heard me right. Women are what inspire me. Working in a very male dominated industry (which will hopefully change in time!), you come to realise that we need to listen more and pay closer attention to what women need. Embrace their thoughts and ideas and to use their strengths and intelligence. We shouldn’t be arguing over which gender is stronger or better. We are all different and I believe we shouldn’t be differentiating ourselves between male and female. In fact, we should be finding ways to come together and to try and better ourselves as people. It’s still really sad to see women in certain times and cultures being squashed or thought less of than their male counterparts. This is changing slowly but unfortunately there is still a way to go. So, let’s use International Women’s Day not just to embrace the strengths of influential women today, but to also celebrate the kindness we can all influence on people as a whole tomorrow.”

Tom Homewood, Art Director

I am inspired by my daughter Holly. When Holly was born my wife Emma and I made a decision not to try and force any gender stereotypes onto her. So we dressed her in gender neutral clothes and bought her toys that would be suitable for girls or boys. As Holly grew up she started to make her own mind on what she wanted to wear, play with and how she wanted to live her life. She is now 4 and is very strong minded! She loves wearing all things pink and she enjoys nursing her cuddly toys – but she also loves playing in mud, climbing trees and her favourite TV programme is Pokémon. Holly doesn’t see any limitations with her gender and I hope as she grows up, the world around her will finally realise there aren’t limitations!” 

Olivia Miller, Senior PR Account Manager 

“Through all walks of life I find different women inspiring. Some are directly influential to my career or life, whereas others I really appreciate for the values they represent in society. One of my current inspirations is journalist, author and podcast host Dolly Alderton, who has gone strength to strength since the release of her autobiographic novel Everything I Know About Love. I identified with this book on many levels, and I saw a lot of myself in her frank style of writing. At the age of 30, she has achieved so much and remains so down to earth. As a young writer this resonates with me and she has made me see that it’s okay to not always be perfect!” 

Cara Rimmer, PR & Social Account Manager

“I’m inspired by women every day and I definitely surround myself with powerful females – whether that’s my family, friends, colleagues or influential women of the world. I’m an equal rights and mental health advocate, and I love discovering positive influencers through books, podcasts and social media. I recently unearthed Chessie King, a presenter and body confidence supporter, who’s tackling Instagram’s negative influence on body image and mental health one authentic snapshot at a time – and I love that she’s using her platform to spread positivity as a young women living in the modern world! We’ve got a long way to go in society, but women like Chessie are helping shape our future – and it’s a path everyone should follow.”

Stephanie Turner, Account Manager

“Deputy Team Principle of Williams F1 team, Claire Williams, inspires me as the most high-profile woman in F1 – a strikingly male-dominated sport. In 2013 I actually had the pleasure of meeting Claire herself! I really value female role models who are at the top of their game and thriving in traditionally male environments, as it demonstrates that gender should be irrelevant and only talent and hard work considered. These women are helping to level the playing field and shake the stigma that this is ‘a man’s world’ – it’s a world for all – and breaking down barriers that young girls might have previously thought stood in their way.”

 Marianna Jendrolova, Account Executive

“There are many women I find inspiring and although it’s nearly impossible to only choose one, having recently finished Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, I was moved by her story. She is one of the most influential women who dedicated her life to building the Huffington Post. On this journey, she empowered women, juggled the demands of her career and raised two daughters along the way – then one day she collapsed in her office from pure exhaustion. Reflecting back on her life, I found it very inspirational to hear her thoughts on redefining success as a woman, and highlighting the importance of mindfulness and a well-rounded work life balance too.”


 Which females inspire you, not just today, but every day? Let us know!

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