The Naked Geoff: 101lbs of Grub

The recipe notes of Geoff Redfearn
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* * * UPDATE * * * May 2019

Geoff’s Place opened at the Balsam Centre in Wincanton on 10th May 2019. The Growing Space charity used the funds raised so far to develop phase 1 of a new outdoor area.

* * * UPDATE * * * February 2019

The initial print run of 150 books sold out in one month, shipping not only in the UK but also to the US and Australia. Geoff’s family and friends also made generous donations following Geoff’s funeral. In total just over £3,000 has been donated to the charity so far.

* * *

Geoff, our beloved chef, was full of life, charm and 101lbs of fun! Bursting with love, with a wicked sense of humour and a talent for cooking, Geoff was one of those people who made an impression and once met, was never forgotten.

Sadly, Geoff passed away after a short illness in February 2018, leaving behind his beloved husband Bobby, and his pride and joy; Redfearns. Located in Wincanton, Somerset, Redfearns was a café by day and Thai restaurant by night and Geoff and his team worked tirelessly to make it a success.

Over the years, Geoff compiled a simple red ring binder of his recipe notes. A well-thumbed, food stained, bible of recipes he held dear, but just a snapshot of the many he held in his head. What better way to honour and remember Geoff than by coming together and recreating these recipes, publishing this book and keeping his spirit alive. And so, ‘The Naked Geoff: 101lbs of Grub’ is a publication of his notes and recipes. All of the funds raised from the sale of these books will support ‘The Growing Space’, a Wincanton charity Geoff held close to his heart and indeed from where Geoff sourced many of his restaurant ingredients.

Geoff’s friends and family have come together to cook his recipes, interpret his notes where needed and provide suggestions to fill any gaps in method or ingredients. We hope you are inspired by the recipes in this book and enjoy cooking and sampling your creations; and while you do, be sure to take a moment to raise a glass to Geoff Redfearn, 101lbs of fun!

* * *

Please note, that with the exception of print, packaging and postage, all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Growing Space ( – (Charity Registration Number: 4297947, Registered Charity Number 1090917). Online orders will be fulfilled by Royal Mail 2nd Class post. Books can be shipped outside of the UK; additional postage costs will apply and you will be contacted seperately to arrange payment. To maximise proceeds the book is printed in batches so may not be immediately available.

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