Content: Quality over quantity

Social media is everywhere and for most of us, it has become a habitual part of everyday life. Whether it’s a scroll down your Facebook feed on the morning commute, an endless swipe of Instagram stories on your lunch or an evening spent binge-watching videos on YouTube – our fingers always seem to navigate towards the social media icons on our phones.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and more and more businesses are understanding the opportunities that come with it. It is now an integral part of most businesses’ wider marketing strategies – and quite rightly so.

In fact, I believe every business should have some sort of social media presence; whether you’re a large corporation, a small local business or a freelancer – social media can and will benefit your business. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, social media offers you a platform to build your brand, gain exposure and engage with your target audience.

However, some organisations believe that in order to be seen as a respectable company online, you should have millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of likes – this is not the case! We’ve all heard the saying quality over quantity, haven’t we? Well this is the case for social media too. Below, I share some tips on how to ensure quality when building your social media brand.

Get to know your audience

Your target audience on social media is exactly the same as the people you’d like to see walk through your shop door, make an online purchase or hire your services – it’s not just about the number of followers or likes your page receives. You want it to be the RIGHT audience.

Get to know your target audience by using analytics to monitor the content you are posting and how they are reacting to it – you can view key statistics such as engagement, clicks and likes. This way, you can find out what they like and dislike and adjust the content as you go, to ensure a more targeted approach.

Post with a purpose

It’s important to remain active on your social media platforms, but it’s also just as important to ensure you are posting with a purpose. Before you hit post, ask yourself ‘how does this post benefit my target audience?’ and if you don’t have the answer, don’t post it! It’s better to stay on-brand than post for the sake of posting.

Pre-scheduling content a few weeks in advance is a great way to ensure you are still building momentum with your audience, even if you aren’t behind the screen 24/7. Just be sure to stay up to date with trends and social events and join the conversation where applicable to showcase your company as an industry champion.

Don’t buy followers

This one speaks for itself – don’t buy fake social media followers! It may seem like a cheap and quick fix to build your platform, but it actually damages your brand in the long run. It creates unauthenticity around your name and can leave your target audience questioning your legitimacy. There is no profitable gain from doing this – no leads, no sales and no engagement. It also goes against the T&C’s of social media platforms!

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Cara Rimmer
PR & Social Media Account Manager

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