Challenging the market for Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma is a world leader in the delivery of innovative drug delivery systems but has historically stuck with industry convention when it comes to advertising.

We wanted to challenge the market. We needed people to think differently. We had to be brave; that’s why our advertising approach was edgier than anything they’d done before.

With its unrivalled expertise across a whole range of delivery routes, Aptar Pharma was in an enviable position to take competitive advantage from its IP and deliver a distinct value proposition through compelling communications.

Our strategy was therefore built around maximising the extraordinary level of IP held and converting it into engaging marketing that added value to our audience, inspired them to do something new, and tell their industry peers.

Keep up the great work – I am impressed with all that I am seeing coming out of your team, and how quickly you have ‘gotten’ our business! The feedback I’ve gotten internally has been very positive… so keep it up! As you say – true experts love a challenge, and you are so far meeting ours…”

Carolyn Penot 
Director Operational Marketing, Aptar Pharma

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