• Delivery Agility - Dedicated energetic, proficient, equipped
  • Providing capability - insightful, adept, consistent, deliverable
  • Demonstrating quality - Expert, specialist, accountable, proven
  • Ensuring value - Incisive, responsive, dependable, transparent

Marketing Consultancy

Creative Marketing Agency Based In Kent

As a full service agency with a demonstrable track record in delivering marketing programmes,

we are able to provide the best, most appropriate advice – delivering you a plan that is
actionable, effective and measurable. 

Our workshop approach ensures we receive input from many levels of the business, as well
as engaging employees and ensuring advocacy this approach starts to ensure that the
message delivered in the field matches the one delivered in the marketing collateral.

Core competencies of the business

SWOT analysis to establish supports for the proposition.

Brand wheel and proposition development

To capture benefits, values and personality to develop core proposition and brand identity

Market segmentation plan

To cultivate insight into match between competencies and potential target markets,
supported by data through desk research.

Marketing strategy, communications plan and delivery

Full marketing and communications plan identifying objectives, the market, the competitive environment,
understanding the target audience, the brand, the offer, key messages, communications mix and media plan,
evaluation, timing and budget.


Delivering not just data but more importantly analysis, interpretation, insight and recommendations. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies
are employed to deliver market entry, sizing and scoping studies; customer and market segmentation; an evidence base to substantiate marketing
strategy; developing effective marketing communications; measuring results and making recommendations and tracking campaign impact.

Internal communications

Bottom up belief is as important as top down commitment, so the need for internal communication is arguably as great as the need for external
communications. Our approach enables you to regularly share learning and new resources with the group, demonstrating the value of the work
the team delivers.

Portfolio, services & testimonials 

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of how we delivered marketing consultancy services for our clients.
Read more about the services we deliver for our clients, and what our clients think of us. 

Get in touch

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  • Flexible engagement model -
    we are there when you need us
  • Domain knowledge in market sectors
    best assures right first time concepts
    through to delivery
  • No hidden costs.
  • Dedicated to a small group of clients so we
    are ready when you are
  • Core skills are in house minimising the need for
    further outsourcing
  • Skills at every level – from strategy to delivery,
    from concepts to production
  • Constant creative input & fresh thinking
  • Domain knowledge in market sectors
    ensures we hit the ground running.
  • Complementary yet distinct service portfolio
    to ensure you receive what you need
  • Strategy services include marketing consultancy,
    strategic development, branding and market research
  • Delivery services include concepts, copy,
    artwork, public relations, direct marketing,
    media planning, web build, promotion & social media,
    campaign evaluation.
  • Proven domain knowledge and experience in a number of market sectors including healthcare,
    insurance, IT and road safety
  • Demonstrable expertise in marketing
    communications – strategy and delivery
  • Clear, incisive, robust thinking
  • Proven, repeatable, accountable, transparent
    people and processes
  • A commitment to right first time,accurate outcomes.