Breaking the mould

You need a unique perspective

At some point, we’ve all asked friends and family for their opinion on something to get a different perspective. Maybe you’ve asked a colleague to look over something for you, just to get a fresh pair of eyes.

But what if all your friends, all your family and every colleague were the same as you? What if you were all the same race, gender and age; you dressed the same and had the same hairstyle; you earned similar salaries, lived in similar sized houses and drove the same cars?

Then you’d probably be working in a creative agency in Shoreditch.

Seriously, if that were the case, that fresh pair of eyes you were asking for would be far from it. In fact, that pair of eyes would see the world exactly the same way as you do, and is probably overdue a check-up at Specsavers. How can you create a motivating marketing vision or compelling creative work from just one viewpoint?

If you want a unique perspective, what you need is just that; something different, something fresh – in human form; otherwise you’ll find yourself churning out the same ideas day in, day out. And work will become repetitive, monotonous and eventually grow stale.

Change starts from the top

Currently, only around 40% of designers in marketing agencies industry are female, and only 11% make Creative Directors.

Sure, the Realia MD is a man, but 80% of our agency is female; including Art Directors. We’re all totally different in ways more than just gender – ages range from mid-forties to mid-twenties.  Our musical tastes range from Country and Western to Drake and everything in between. Working among a mix of different people is fun and exciting and we designed it that way so we deliver better work; not so we tick some diversity boxes.

Our marketing experience is diverse too – ranging from live music events to travel and tourism; from construction to medical devices. A team with such a diverse range of backgrounds and experience inevitably leads to a melting pot of creative and dynamic inspirations, which in turn leads to stronger thinking and smarter delivery.

We hire people who don’t look or think like the boss. The team is an integral part of interviewing and as a result we have seen a positive difference in who is being hired – there is a deeper mix of talent and creativity that has impacted almost instantly. Mixing wildly different people together, with opposing views and fresh perspectives has led to an explosion of thoughts where people bounce off each other to lead to the next lightbulb moment. It’s then the bosses job to capture that creativity and harness that energy to make sure we achieve the best possible outcome.

All that said, we do have one shared philosophy; to make our clients’ lives easier and better every day by delivering creative intelligence.

As an agency, we need to share a common goal with our clients, and we do; but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to take the same journey to get there. We try not to converge too early in the creative process – we have to explore all avenues before we propose the best route.

Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as a creative idea that hasn’t been thought of before. It just requires everyone to break the mould from time to time to explore it properly.

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